Interview with Alyssa Chang – Episode 4 On the Podcast


In today’s podcast I talk with wellness coach Alyssa Chang.

Alyssa is a former client, colleague, and a very good friend, so I am very happy to have her on the podcast.

You can read more about her HERE.

In our discussion we talk about:

  • Her experience with figure competing and how that affected her relationship to eating, exercise, and her image.
  • How she was able to move away from obsessing over every calorie and workout
  • How she was able to move into a much better space with her health and happiness
  • What is her approach to working with clients and how that has changed given what she has experienced
  • Some of the struggles women, specifically, deal with when it comes to being fit and feeling like they have to fit into an image portrayed by our society and culture.

And much more!

You can also find out more information about Alyssa Chang here:

Alyssa’s Instagram

Alyssa’s Facebook

A note about this podcast – we jump right into the conversation with this interview, so keep that in mind when your listening to it.

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