How Do We Change The Things We Want to Change?

To many it’s a surprise that I too, struggle with eating well, and being active regularly.  They think that since I am a health coach that these things are somehow automatic or reflexive.

These things aren’t second nature to me.

Like you, I prefer convenience.

Like you, I prefer the path of least resistance.

Like you, my brains rewards centers are stimulated by sugar, and highly palatable foods.

Like you, I have multiple tasks and obligations that contend for the finite resource of my time.

And just like you I am human first, and then what ever roles I choose to embody thereafter.

Therefore, I want you to know that I empathize with the seemingly Herculean task set before you.

Change is hard…but I can help with that.

The difference between this site and other sites that provide advice and information on the topics of diet, nutrition, and other health related pursuits is that I view this process through a very specific lens; and that is…

What does it take to CHANGE??

When I think about the goals associated with my field and the goals of other unrelated industries, the common denominator is that we are going to have to change something…

The status quo needs to be reviewed, revised, and reformulated.  And not only that, it needs to somehow produce better and more viable results.

So while you may read about specific strategies aimed more at the finer points of nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and strength, the lion’s share of the advice given here will pertain to a larger vision.  A more macro perspective, so to speak.  We will discuss  health and other related subject matter within the context of change.  We will amass a greater understanding of how we can influence ourselves to produce the results we are hoping to accomplish.  And in this way you will become the master of your own fate.

Because if there is one thing that is true it’s that no one can do this for you.

With that being said, I look forward to working with you whether that be directly or indirectly.  And I hope that you can foster some insights here that can help you develop and clarify your own answer to the question…

How do I do this?

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