4 Foundations of Health and Wellness [Infographic]

What does it mean to be healthy?

What does wellness encompass?

When you start your process of trying to cultivate a healthy lifestyle you need to have a general idea of what you are looking to accomplish.

Over the years coaching clients, it has become apparent that what it means to be healthy and live well tends to differ from person to person.

But when it comes to health coaching, it is important for us to have shared meaning about what health and wellness constitues so we can better focus our attention and energy to achieve the desired outcome.

It is for this reason I developed the 4 Foundations of Health and Wellness.

They represent the areas of focus we can work together to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

They provide us with a common language and also allow direct our attention and energy so that our focus is not wasted and or efforts our not made in vain.

So without further adieu, the 4 Foundations of Health and Wellness.

Foundation One:  Mindset

Changing the way we think and how we feel is arguably the one of the hardest things to do.  But it is a vital part of creating lasting change.

It requires us to nurture humility, entertain new perspectives,  and recognize and challenge assumptions that may be masquerading as beliefs.

Foundation Two:  Eating Well

Eating well means many things.

It means having a healthy relationship with food and eating.  It means knowing how to use food for fuel, but also how we use it for comfort and connection.

It means, having an understanding of our relationships, culture, and environment and how it affects our food choices and behaviors.

It’s much more than just eating less calories.

Foundation Three:  Activity

Within my coaching model activity is broken down into two categories:  opportunities to move (OTM) and planned activity.

Opportunities to Move (courtesy of Michelle Segar) are the opportunities we can find in our day to move. Examples of these would be cleaning the house, walking the dog, carrying the groceries to the car, etc.  They are the small moments of movement we collect during our day that create a larger caloric expenditure.

In a way it’s like “sneaking” activity in.

I often tell my clients to “keep a mind toward moving”.  Any small opportunity you can create to be active…do it.

Planned activities are the events where we scheduled out time to be active. Whether we are going to the gym, running, or going for walk.  They are the activities where we had to adjust our schedules for the sole purpose of being active.

Utilizing these two concepts helps us be flexible and helps us account (to some extent) for the unpredictability of life.

Foundation Four:  Rest & Recovery

Our ability to mitigate our stress, respond rather than react, and recover from our bouts of physical and mental activity is crucial for the longevity of your health and wellness.

Practicing strategies that allow us to enjoy and sometimes cope with life is essential for our continued growth and happiness.

These are brief descriptions of the four foundations.  If you are interested in learning more please visit my Facebook Page and join the Facebook Group.

I have also provided an infographic for you to keep below.